It’s been a long spell of no sewing for me I’m afraid thanks to the flu…the real one not just a cold!!  It was horrible – 2 weeks off work (never done that before) and another 3 weeks before I started to be myself again.

No knitting…….

No sewing…….

No housework………there’s always a silver lining!


My sewing partner in crime, the lovely Tracy, however decided to make her friend a present.

An apron to use for her pottery class.

Tracy spent loads of time and effort for her friend even though I told her it would soon be covered in clay and other mucky stuff.


She even made a matching bag   (yes, her friend loves ducks)


and here Tonya is,  wearing her new apron



Happy sewing – Carol x

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Christmas past

I had a lovely Christmas and went out….oh yes I did!  I’m a bit of a slippers and TV gal these days but did venture out into the ‘mild weather’ a few times.

One of those occasions was for my work Christmas do.  Last year I made a dress to wear…

I fancied red with black lace over the top and bought the fabrics at the rag Market in Brum.


I chose this pattern as I really liked the blue one.


By the time it was finished the only changes I had made were to leave off the ribbon around the waist as it looked much nicer on Mrs Slim on the picture!


This year Christmas party look….


I cheated and bought the skirt because….well I liked it!   The top I made using fabric from Guthrie & Ghani.  I chose a dull black sequin and loved it.

The pattern for the top was…

unnamed-3 ….yes, the same as the year before.  I just cut the length to what I wanted, left out the waist darts and rounded the neckline.

I also wore my favourite, comfiest red shoes!!


I work in a primary school and for our Nativity we wore black and I made us all a star to wear (and keep for years hopefully!!!).


My lovely friends at work


Happy sewing – Carol x

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Our Sewing Bee Christmas party

Our last monday evening get together before the big day was party time for me and Tracy…..and sewing of cause.

We wore party hats (sewing themed) and ate cakes….although they had gone before I remembered to take photos!


We pulled crackers….


We made little stockings for our Christmas trees…


And we played pass the parcel with our husbands – although they soon realised that it had a sewing theme – and began to complain…

Tracy’s hubby won the main prize…


We had a fun party with Michael Buble’s Christmas CD on constant loop…..perfect.

Looking forward to many more sewing bee mondays in 2016 with my mate Tracy.

Happy Sewing – Carol xx

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Making Christmas prezzies

Tracy has been a busy lady making prezzies for her friends and family…..oh and for herself

DSCN2806This is one of 2 cushion covers she made for her settee.



A cushion cover for her mom.  This was the result of the patchwork day we had in september.   Quilting newbies   Although we were making a table mat Tracy thought her mom would prefer it as a cushion.  Mine as usual remains unfinished – I am still working on it though – just at a snails pace!!



Her gorgeous little nephew has a new Christmas stocking.

Although the adults were more impressed with it than Dan…


Happy sewing – Carol xx

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The party dress

Tracy wanted to make herself a dress for her brother in law’s 50th birthday party.  Looking through her ‘huge’ stash she found a beautiful metre of black lace and 2 metres of a striking blue georgette – both bought on impulse and left unused!

It didn’t take long before she had the perfect dress….

DSCN2737        DSCN2752

Tracy used the Mortmain bodice    images


and the Ruby circular skirt   ls2image_2


layering the lace over the blue fabric just on the bodice…


She chose the circular skirt as she wanted it to stand out slightly so she also made up her own net underskirt….


They had a great time at the party and Tracy received many compliments on her dress – and was delighted when people asked where it was from and she was able to say those words we love….’I made it myself!’


and the prize for best dressed on the night goes to  –  my mate Tracy!

Happy sewing – Carol – x

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Oh no, I’m 5 – 0

Yes It’s happened – I am now half a century old..never mind!!

My special mate Tracy surprised me with a workshop birthday present.  We have been learning about quilting these past few months and both fancy trying free-hand embroidery on the machine.  So my birthday prezzie was for us both to go to a workshop at Frank Nutt in Kings Heath, Birmingham.  I bought my last sewing machine from there and didn’t even know they had workshops upstairs.

Angela Attwood was out tutor. A lovely lady with bucket loads of talent.  There were 3 to make and we chose the robin.
P1010214       P1010215

First up was the branches using the free motion – Woohoo that was fun to do!!!


Then we appliquéd the Robin – which we have done before and enjoy.

P1010218              P1010219

Then we hand stitched the berries, beak and feet and sewed on the eye bead.


Finally we attached it to the back using blanket stitch.


Hey presto – 2 little robins for our homes……. thanks Tracy I loved my birthday prezzie.

More photos from our day

P1010223 P1010222 P1010221 P1010217


A couple more sewing related birthday prezzies…..

Thankyou my lovely friend Clare for the picture you made to hang above my sewing table.



I love all the little quotes..

and thankyou to my lovely friend Jane…

a signed copy of Stewart’s book

Me and Tracy have met Stuart a couple of times before – we love him..!!

Happy sewing – Carol xxx

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God of the nerds!

My 17 year old son, Mitchell is a self confessed nerd and geek.  He loves maths, science, history, sci-fi, fantasy..the lot.


When I saw a periodic table fabric in Guthrie & Ghani I asked him if he would like it as a shirt – already knowing what the answer would be.

P1010205 I had already bought a shirt pattern and made one up in an old sheet first to get the fit just right.

I chose view A with no yolk and left off the pockets as the the fabric speaks for itself and I didn’t want to  distract from it.

P1010205 - Version 2

Mitchell is tall and slim so I did make some alterations – reducing the width of the shoulders a little and slimming down the sides a bit.

Finally it was finished and he loves it..!!

P1010156 - Version 2 P1010154 P1010153 - Version 2

Sewing with squares isn’t easy. Trying to line fabric up vertically and horizontally makes for a lot of thinking time.  Although it isn’t perfect it’s good enough.

P1010158       P1010165 P1010163            P1010162 P1010159

He wore it to college on monday and got so much positive attention he told me he felt like he was “The God of the nerds for the day.”

Next shirt for Mitchell – The Walking Dead!!

Happy sewing – Carol – xxx

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