Reversible apron

Just in time for all the Christmas cooking – Lyndon’s apron was ready!

Lyndon had put in a request for a reversible apron.

Tracy found the fabric on a fab day out for the 2 of us at the latest Quilting for pleasure exhibition at the NEC.

Kitchen utensils on one side and food on the other.

Tracy drafted the pattern herself and finished off the edges with top stitching and bias tape.

Lyndon uses it all the time now and looks very cool in the kitchen!!


Happy sewing – Carol x

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paint a little happiness

I had a lovely afternoon out with Tracy recently. We went along to our local coffee shop called Cafe Craft which has various crafts on offer – my favourite being the pottery.

Of cause there was a sewing theme..!!


That’s mine on the left and Tracy’s on the right.

They started off as a storage jar and a sugar bowl…

and when me and Tracy get together there’s always cake!


We worked our way through the stages –



When our afternoon was done off to the kiln they went..

we were so pleased with the result



one last job – I used a special pen to write on the lids…




We love them and they will soon be full with our little sewing nick nacks.  Which means we’ll just have to paint another one!


Have fun

Carol  x

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Geek shirts!

I love sewing for myself, friends, my home, work – anything sewing related is fine with me but my absolute favourite thing is making clothes for my children. I get a real sense of achievement and pride.

I made a periodic table shirt for my son (posted here) and he still loves it and wears it frequently.

After previously buying some perfect geek fabric for him from a quilting exhibition at the NEC (posted here) I decided on a back to back make.

First up The Walking Dead…..




The next shirt – Star Trek


For both shirts I used the same pattern as before


A lovely weekend of sewing for me ended with a happy son and so a happy mom – perfect!


Happy sewing – Carol x

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cardigan knitting

Last year at the ‘sewing for pleasure’ exhibition I bought a kit to knit a cardigan.  I chose the colour and it contained the correct amount of wool needed, the pattern and a wooden button – even though I couldn’t find it by the time I needed it so bought another!


It was a very quick and easy knit – just stocking stitch and a simple alternating knit one, slip one purlways pattern.

One thing I would do different next time is to change the cuffs.  The pattern is a turn over cuff but with that pattern I find it unnecessarily bulky. It still has the lovely pattern at the end without turning it up so I shall reduce a few inches of stocking stitch rows on my next one.


I’m sure I’ll find the missing button now I don’t need it.

Happy sewing ~ and knitting

Carol x

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Winter skirts

With the weather warming up – a little!  It’ll soon be time to pack away some of our winter makes.  Skirts…


Tracy picked this fabric up at the Rag Market and used a pattern from one of the sewing mags.


Tracy used another wool based fabric from the market to make this one..


and I used this wool fabric from Guthrie Ghani for my self drafted skirt.

P1010338 P1010334

We lined each of these skirts but i did have a lazy moment with mine – I couldn’t be bothered re-threading my overlocker so i used a heart stitch to stop the hem from fraying.P1010537

I quite like it actually, might do it again one day!

Happy sewing – Carol x

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Sewing for pleasure 2016

Yay, it was that time of the year again.  Me and Tracy love our sewing exhibitions at the’s local to us and a great day out.


We went to Yarnia…I’ve usually got some knitting on the go but goodness me – EVERYTHING you could see was knitted!


I also love period dramas and each year they have a costume display. Last year it was  Mr Selfridge and this year was Far from the madding crowd.


When I see costumes from films and TV shows it always amazes me how tiny all the women are. Part of the job I suppose.

Of course a big part of the day for us (and everyone else) is buying fabric.



Black crepe for a blouse and some black lace for the shoulders, strawberry thief Liberty and the orange and white which hangs lovely.




The same orange and white for me, some Liberty for a dress, a fat quarter for my new quilting course which starts next month and a lovely park scene for Tash (even when she doesn’t go with me she ends up with fabric..daughters!)


Already looking forward to the next one!

Happy sewng – Carol x

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It’s been a long spell of no sewing for me I’m afraid thanks to the flu…the real one not just a cold!!  It was horrible – 2 weeks off work (never done that before) and another 3 weeks before I started to be myself again.

No knitting…….

No sewing…….

No housework………there’s always a silver lining!


My sewing partner in crime, the lovely Tracy, however decided to make her friend a present.

An apron to use for her pottery class.

Tracy spent loads of time and effort for her friend even though I told her it would soon be covered in clay and other mucky stuff.


She even made a matching bag   (yes, her friend loves ducks)


and here Tonya is,  wearing her new apron



Happy sewing – Carol x

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