paint a little happiness

I had a lovely afternoon out with Tracy recently. We went along to our local coffee shop called Cafe Craft which has various crafts on offer – my favourite being the pottery.

Of cause there was a sewing theme..!!


That’s mine on the left and Tracy’s on the right.

They started off as a storage jar and a sugar bowl…

and when me and Tracy get together there’s always cake!


We worked our way through the stages –



When our afternoon was done off to the kiln they went..

we were so pleased with the result



one last job – I used a special pen to write on the lids…




We love them and they will soon be full with our little sewing nick nacks.  Which means we’ll just have to paint another one!


Have fun

Carol  x


About carol

I love's as simple as that!
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One Response to paint a little happiness

  1. They are brilliant! What a lovely thing to do with your friend. I like the button and reel on the lids x


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