Christmas past

I had a lovely Christmas and went out….oh yes I did!  I’m a bit of a slippers and TV gal these days but did venture out into the ‘mild weather’ a few times.

One of those occasions was for my work Christmas do.  Last year I made a dress to wear…

I fancied red with black lace over the top and bought the fabrics at the rag Market in Brum.


I chose this pattern as I really liked the blue one.


By the time it was finished the only changes I had made were to leave off the ribbon around the waist as it looked much nicer on Mrs Slim on the picture!


This year Christmas party look….


I cheated and bought the skirt because….well I liked it!   The top I made using fabric from Guthrie & Ghani.  I chose a dull black sequin and loved it.

The pattern for the top was…

unnamed-3 ….yes, the same as the year before.  I just cut the length to what I wanted, left out the waist darts and rounded the neckline.

I also wore my favourite, comfiest red shoes!!


I work in a primary school and for our Nativity we wore black and I made us all a star to wear (and keep for years hopefully!!!).


My lovely friends at work


Happy sewing – Carol x


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4 Responses to Christmas past

  1. I made my daughter a top out of the Guthrie and Ghani fabric – it’s lovely isn’t it. Love your stars!

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