Oh no, I’m 5 – 0

Yes It’s happened – I am now half a century old..never mind!!

My special mate Tracy surprised me with a workshop birthday present.  We have been learning about quilting these past few months and both fancy trying free-hand embroidery on the machine.  So my birthday prezzie was for us both to go to a workshop at Frank Nutt in Kings Heath, Birmingham.  I bought my last sewing machine from there and didn’t even know they had workshops upstairs.

Angela Attwood was out tutor. A lovely lady with bucket loads of talent.  There were 3 to make and we chose the robin.
P1010214       P1010215

First up was the branches using the free motion – Woohoo that was fun to do!!!


Then we appliquéd the Robin – which we have done before and enjoy.

P1010218              P1010219

Then we hand stitched the berries, beak and feet and sewed on the eye bead.


Finally we attached it to the back using blanket stitch.


Hey presto – 2 little robins for our homes……. thanks Tracy I loved my birthday prezzie.

More photos from our day

P1010223 P1010222 P1010221 P1010217


A couple more sewing related birthday prezzies…..

Thankyou my lovely friend Clare for the picture you made to hang above my sewing table.



I love all the little quotes..

and thankyou to my lovely friend Jane…

a signed copy of Stewart’s book

Me and Tracy have met Stuart a couple of times before – we love him..!!

Happy sewing – Carol xxx


About carol

I love sewing.....it's as simple as that!
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2 Responses to Oh no, I’m 5 – 0

  1. Jan Nickerson says:

    What lovely gifts! The applique is beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. caroljfaulkner says:

    Thankyou. It’s very relaxing x


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