God of the nerds!

My 17 year old son, Mitchell is a self confessed nerd and geek.  He loves maths, science, history, sci-fi, fantasy..the lot.


When I saw a periodic table fabric in Guthrie & Ghani I asked him if he would like it as a shirt – already knowing what the answer would be.

P1010205 I had already bought a shirt pattern and made one up in an old sheet first to get the fit just right.

I chose view A with no yolk and left off the pockets as the the fabric speaks for itself and I didn’t want to  distract from it.

P1010205 - Version 2

Mitchell is tall and slim so I did make some alterations – reducing the width of the shoulders a little and slimming down the sides a bit.

Finally it was finished and he loves it..!!

P1010156 - Version 2 P1010154 P1010153 - Version 2

Sewing with squares isn’t easy. Trying to line fabric up vertically and horizontally makes for a lot of thinking time.  Although it isn’t perfect it’s good enough.

P1010158       P1010165 P1010163            P1010162 P1010159

He wore it to college on monday and got so much positive attention he told me he felt like he was “The God of the nerds for the day.”

Next shirt for Mitchell – The Walking Dead!!

Happy sewing – Carol – xxx


About carol

I love sewing.....it's as simple as that!
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3 Responses to God of the nerds!

  1. Jan Nickerson says:

    LOVE this shirt! WELL DONE!


  2. caroljfaulkner says:

    Thanks Jan xx


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