Quilting newbies

Me and Tracy love sewing anything, clothes, cushions, curtains, bags, bits and pieces – but the one thing we hadn’t tried was quilting.  At the beginning of this year I enrolled for 6 patchwork quilting lessons at Guthrie & Ghani and I loved it…   From this I booked me and Tracy on a quilting day.

P1000637          P1000640

I forgot to take a picture of the sample – we were making a large table mat.  It took me and Tracy 6 hours to make 3 small squares and we have several more to make then the border and appliqué before we even begin to make it up!

They're very small but took ages to make!

They’re very small but took ages to make!

P1000633   P1000632

We’ve discovered that quilting is very slow and time consuming – a real labour of love.  Although dressmaking will always be our main passion, we have definitely been bitten by the quilting bug…..

More photos from our day

P1000642           P1000641

P1000639                     P1000638

P1000634                P1000631

Happy sewing – Carol x


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I love sewing.....it's as simple as that!
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3 Responses to Quilting newbies

  1. Wren Diamond says:

    I love the idea of handmade quilts. But I think I would simply never be able to choose which colours and patterns to piece together.


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